6 Million $CBD Staking Pool Update

Greenheart CBD
2 min readSep 13, 2021


Greenheart CBD isn’t just an average consumer-based product or regular Cryptocurrency. We care about our loyal customers and supporters. That’s why we work tirelessly to support our community with the $CBD token backed by our ever-growing hemp oil products to bring you the purest types of oil.

What’s the $CBD Staking pool all about

Greenheart CBD created this Staking Pool to express our gratitude to our loyal token holders and offer them a chance to earn 50% APY in $CBD token this time next year!

The terms were simple:

➡️Stake 5,000+ CBD

➡️Leave your CBD in the pool for 1 year

➡️Comeback 1 year later and collect a 50% Profit

As of now, we’ve reached our pool capacity of 6 Million staked $CBD tokens that will be locked for 1 year!

What is a Staking Pool?

A staking pool is when a group of coin holders merges their resources. This consolidation can then allow them to up their chances of validating blocks and receive rewards in return. They essentially pool in their sources and share in the rewards.

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About Greenheart CBD Limited

Greenheart is a leading Ireland-based CBD tech company that focuses on expanding and revolutionizing the agricultural and blockchain industry by developing tech products. Greenheart CBD Limited had a landmark record of being the first company to introduce a CBD Defi token — the Greenheart CBD Token. It is widely known to have helped many farmers produce the finest of organic hemp cropsItsts cold-press extraction machine has allowed them to process their yield using the best possible natural approach. They also grow their special CBD oil in Ireland on organic lands in Wicklow, Meath, Offaly, and Westmeath counties.

Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan, Co-Founders of the company, are award-winning entrepreneurs and respected technocrats with profound experiences in the CBD industry and the application of blockchain technologies. They presently manage the company with a team of other experts in the CBD and the blockchain industries.



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