Are you safe from scammers in crypto?

Cryptocurrency Safety Tips

A decentralized industry like cryptocurrency (crypto) is a lucrative space for scammers. In the first of our series of blog posts on crypto safety, we’re going to break down a very common scam: phishing.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the practice of fraudulently sending communications while pretending to represent a reputable company in order to obtain personal information.

This information can be anything from passwords to credit card numbers, and in the crypto world, includes your wallet and passphrase.

Phishing scams can be very convincing and even the most technologically adept individual is not immune.

How do I stay safe from phishing scams?

There are many actions you can take to protect yourself from phishing attempts.

Browsing the web

Always verify the URL of the website you are visiting. If it deviates from the official URL, do not connect your wallet. Leave the the website immediately.

For best practice, you can report the imposter website to the official channels.

Checking your email

Always verify the email address of the sender. If you do not recognize it, or if it is not listed as an official email on the company website, disregard the email and report it as a phishing attempt.

Do not reply or click any links in the email.

Important: Some scammers will use software that masks their email address when viewed on mobile devices. For your security, always verify the email on your computer.

Chatting online

When chatting on platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Instagram, or any other social media that enables individuals to reach out to you, always remember: there is no way to verify their identity.

Do not engage. Reach out to the official company support channels if you have questions or concerns.

A reputable company will not reach out to you with an incredible opportunity via these mediums. If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

These are just a few examples of phishing scams, but you can apply these proactive measures to a number of other situations.

Key takeaways

  1. Never share your personal information with anyone
  2. Do not click on suspicious links
  3. Reach out to official channels directly with concerns
  4. Report phishing attempts to help protect others

Reminder about Greenheart communications

Greenheart CBD will never reach out to you to solicit information that could endanger your funds. Never share your wallet passphrase or other personal information.

Did you get a message or an email from Greenheart CBD or a Greenheart team member and you’re questioning its legitimacy?

Do NOT reply.

You can email us at and chat to us directly!

Stay safe out there!




The world’s first CBD DeFi marketplace. Partnered with Paradigm Sports & Constellation Network

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Greenheart CBD

The world’s first CBD DeFi marketplace. Partnered with Paradigm Sports & Constellation Network

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