GreenHeart Advisor Spotlight: Tim Frost

Tim Frost is an advisor for GreenHeart who has built an accumulative history in the crypto space.

Tim Frost is the CEO of Yield App which is a licensed and regulated FinTech company. Its focus is on providing ease-of-access DeFi products, enabling users to earn rewards without the barrier of complexity. Simplifying the process of any crypto, DeFi, network protocol in the space, is always critical when targeting a massive world-wide adopted user-base.

Frosts’ focus and dedication expanded even further as he took the role of VP Business Development and Marketing over at Wirex. Wirex is a UK based FCA-licensed global digital payment platform, that brought the first Visa payment card with integrated digital currencies. Where one can use a Visa card loaded with crypto, spend it at any store that accepts the merchant, and the crypto will automatically be converted to US Dollars to clear the purchase.

Frost, with his heavy background and understanding in marketing, and paired knowledge of the cryptocurrency space, can oversee GreenHeart and be a crucial player to the team. Guiding them to reach high institutional businesses and manufacturers, and enabling methods and ideas that provide ease-of-access to all participants enrolled into the ecosystem.

Paul Walsh (left), Tim Frost (right)

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