Greenheart CBD: Cultivation through the Metaverse

CBD’s Journey in Time — From Legalization to The Decentralized Space

The long-term growth narrative for CBD is maybe even more interesting than that of Cannabis owing to its less turbulent legislative path to national acceptance and what has appeared to be a dramatic decline of CBD stocks over the past two years compared to industry growth predictions over the long run.

Greenheart CBD — An Important CBD Metaverse Player

It has taken the Greenheart team three years to build a global CBD production model. Greenheart CBD is now developing a virtual reality/augmented (AR/VR) reality Metaverse. Currently, we are building the foundations for our community while attempting to create the big picture. The Greenheart team aims to create a future where CBD tokens can be earned, merchandise can be purchased, and crops can be grown online and via smartphone.



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Greenheart CBD

Greenheart CBD


The world’s first CBD DeFi marketplace. Partnered with Paradigm Sports & Constellation Network