Greenheart CBD is going fully decentralized

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2 min readMar 14, 2022


When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.

CBD companies just don’t have it easy.

Existing in a regulatory gray area makes it difficult for a business to survive, much less thrive. The centralized world is filled with roadblocks, one after the other, sealing the fate of many companies as they’re unable to distribute or even advertise their CBD products.

But not Greenheart CBD. We found a roadblock, so we’re taking a detour.

The technology portion of Greenheart CBD is going to be fully decentralized. This means that staking pools, product sales via cryptocurrency, NFT marketplaces, and other things we have planned on our roadmap will be the core functionality of our decentralized application, or dApp.

So… staking. Soon, right?

That is the good news! With the upcoming release of our dApp, staking will be finally live. The first staking pool of three that are planned will be the main feature upon release. This will be the Statue of Liberty Pool, to fund the New Jersey farm operations.

The staking pools to follow include the Temple of Dawn Pool in Thailand, and the Machu Picchu Pool in Panama. These pools will launch once the farms in these locations become operational and revenue generating.

What do I need to do now?

Pulling away from the centralized world means that we will also be pulling away from the traditional mobile apps on the Google Play and Apple stores. Their functionality will be fully replaced by the dApp, with less limitations — as currently some countries are even restricted from using the mobile apps due to rules put in place by Google and Apple.

This will remove those restrictions and enable access to all countries as well as allow us to quickly push updates.


The mobile apps will remain live until end of day Friday 18th of March. On that date, they will be removed from the Google Play and Apple stores and you will no longer be able to access your wallet.

What about the free 500 tokens?

We currently have a list of approximately 400 participants who have downloaded the apps and will receive the 500 airdropped tokens. More details to follow.

Global expansion

With our global expansion happening sooner than expected due to our closure in Ireland, the team is quickly working away. With one co-founder landing in the United States, and another co-founder setting out soon for Thailand to evaluate the farming operations there and network with Coach K and cryptocurrency influencers, there is a lot happening.

We hope you tune into our weekly podcast to get the latest updates and send us your questions!

After all, it’s not a roadblock; just a detour.



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