GreenHeart CBD: Smart CBD Farming with AI-Powered Drones

Drones or autonomous flying machines use computer vision technology to avoid objects in the air so they stay on course. Drones use neural networks to detect a range of objects, such as automobiles, hilltops, houses, plants, water surface objects, and various terrain types.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) powers drones to make them more intelligent and enable them to collect and analyze visual and environmental data. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence and drones go together like the technology equivalent of peanut butter and jelly. Unmanned drones with real-time machine-learning capabilities can provide ground operators with a human-like perspective from above.

The cameras on drones were only able to display what they captured up until recently. However, they can now understand the environment around them, allowing them to map areas, follow objects, and analyze data in real time, all with the help of artificial intelligence software.

In addition to automating drone navigation and improving its ability to perceive, AI can also be used to control drones. Using AI in drones allows vendors to collect and implement visual and environmental data from sensors attached to the drones.

Consequently, the fusion between drones and artificial intelligence is providing exciting developments for the future of aerial technology in areas such as sports, engineering, defense, and agriculture.

As an example, Greenheart CBD’s AI drone, called the CBDrone, has a temperature sensor that detects soil temperatures and provides data on root growth. Due to the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day and night, CBDrone offers daily or hourly scanning to forecast the effects of temperature changes on the crop.

It is possible for farmers to view the history of the temperature of their crops. Despite the fact that temperature changes are unlikely to cause instant thermal damage, plants may display signs of stress when temperature changes, leaving them vulnerable to freezing or heat shock.

More About CBDrones — Artificial Intelligence Drones

The CBDrone is the world’s first advanced artificial intelligence drone used by Greenheart’s farmers.

The CBDrone is specifically designed to grow, fertilize, and harvest hemp plants for CBD. CBDrone multi-spectrum sensors detect five wavelengths (blue, green, red, red edge, and near-infrared), capturing what is visible to the human eye and what is not.

As a result, CBDrone provides farmers with data that can be used to determine how healthy their crops are based on how the light reflects off them. By combining near-infrared and other bands, farmers can determine vegetation stress levels.

  • Green, red, and blue colors are indicative of a healthy harvest and good soil.
  • The blue and red lines represent chlorophyll levels in plants, which indicate how healthy they are.
  • Near-infrared and red bands overlap at the red edge. By using this band, farmers can keep track of plant health, count plants, and measure water levels.

In addition to providing information regarding the cellular structure and soil properties, near-infrared also analyses moisture and erosion.

The CBDrone uses a thermal sensor to measure a plant’s temperature and salinity levels, evaluate its physiology, detect diseases, and predict yields. Understanding how temperature affects crop growth is crucial for farmers and supervising organizations. The rate of growth and production of the plant may be impacted by sudden temperature changes.

The moisture levels in the soil are measured by moisture sensors that work with the CBDrone. The sensors are long rods that are buried in the soil throughout the farm. CBDrone receives signals from moisture sensors as it flies through the crops to determine soil moisture levels.

In addition, these signals appear on a map, making it easier for the farmer to determine which areas are overwatered or underwatered. As a result, the farmer is able to adjust irrigation techniques to reduce water use.

The following features are also included in CBDrone.

  • Built-in GPS
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Altimeter
  • Ultrasound
  • Optical Flow Vertical Camera
  • 360 Degree LIDAR
  • Daylight Detector

With CBDrone, Greenheart CBD can ensure a brighter future for CBD users, farmers, and investors. Greenheart CBD is one of the fastest-growing, most profitable global organic CBD producers and the first CBDefi metaverse in the world.

Greenheart CBD uses deep domain expertise and experience growing CBD from “seed to shelf” to provide expertise and resources to the CBD community globally.

GreenHeart CBD’s Vision

Retail sales of CBD products are among the fastest-growing segments in the world. According to Forbes, the global CBD market will reach $20 billion by 2024, an increase of approximately $500 million compared with 2018.

CBD farmers still cannot get adequate financing from mainstream banks despite the industry’s rapid growth. But Greenheart CBD dApp is here to change that. Greenheart CBD decentralized project aims to develop a proof of concept for this within our broader product strategy.

We are developing a DeFi dApp to increase farmers’ income across the globe by providing them with all the resources they need to grow CBD. Using advanced AI drone technology and big data research, profits from CBD farming are maximized, generating much higher incomes for farmers.

Check our dApp and follow us on social channels like Twitter or Telegram to be a part of the green revolution for the future of CBD agriculture.



The world’s first CBD DeFi marketplace. Partnered with Paradigm Sports & Constellation Network

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Greenheart CBD

The world’s first CBD DeFi marketplace. Partnered with Paradigm Sports & Constellation Network