Greenheart CBD Token Buyback Completion Report

Greenheart CBD
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


Greenheart CBD’s first buyback as part of the Greenheart Farm Validator Earning Program.

Our first CBD token buyback has been completed. With this initial start, we have purchased a total of 880,201 CBD, equivalent to approximately $50,000 at the time of purchase.

The purchased Greenheart CBD tokens transaction proof can be found here:

Greenheart CBD used 130 BNB, equivalent to approximately 50,000 USD, to buyback 880,201 CBD

This initiative is the beginning of the Greenheart Farm Validator Earning Program. In this program, we will give 10% of our accrued farm rewards back to the Greenheart family. Instead of a buyback-and-burn model as many others do, Greenheart CBD uses a buyback-and-make model. This is believed to have better benefits especially for governance tokens which include improved token liquidity!

About Greenheart CBD

Greenheart CBD Ltd, a company started in Ireland by two childhood friends, Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh, is innovating to improve the entire CBD production process. Creating their ecosystem using DeFi blockchain and artificial intelligence, they are working towards full traceability and transparency for their products.






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