GreenHeart: CTA Ravi Linganuri

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2 min readMar 14, 2023

Ravi Linganuri our CTA (Chief Technical Advisor) focuses on the dApplication by building out our design and algorithmic components, a critical asset when scaling our user-base. Developing financial incentives to encourage growth rate, we can further attract businesses to integrate into the CBDeFi marketplace.

More information on our marketplace here.

Paul Walsh (left), Ravi Linganuri (center), Mark Canavan (right)

Linganuri has a uniquely qualified background for the position, focusing highly in IT performance with specific knowledge in Web3 technologies.

A Partner at “April Ventures”: Focus is portfolio management of startups including those focused in NFTs and Augmented reality.

Is Building AntHive: AntHive is our marketplace developer that tailors each client into delivering a successful application. Their work with GreenHeart is delivering and designing our dApplication, as well as our Metaverse with gamified staking pools upgrading the ecosystems attraction.

Linganuri has an intensive history in succeeding companies into new growth, and has shown he can provide immense value to GreenHeart. With many connections, especially helping startups, Linganuri can even help direct other hemp-associated businesses and integrate them into the CBDeFi marketplace. By plugging them into an existing user-base, the marketplace will enable businesses a boost in demand from our communities financial incentives aligned to add throughput. With focus and direction, the CBDeFi marketplace can scale the hemp industry and add billions of revenue increasing opportunities.



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