GreenHeart Giveaway:


From us at Greenheart to all our Greenheart family, a thank you for your patience and on going support 💚.

We want to give everyone interested one free bottle of GreenHeartCBD Oil (just cover shipping expenses).

Offer is valid until dApp launches

Instructions to Enter:

DM “MikeyFedz” on Telegram by clicking here


DM GreenHeart Official Twitter page by clicking here

Send full shipping information.

Shortly after, we will reply with the cost of the shipping fee and collect payment in $CBD tokens.

After your payment is collected we will ship out your GreenHeart CBD oil to your address.

Thank you for supporting us at GreenHeart we’re thrilled to have you all apart of the GreenHeart family, and are excited to grow onward.

Have any questions? Post them in the GreenHeart Official Telegram here.



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