GreenHeart New Advisor: Robert Calkin

Robert Calkin has been a cannabis pioneer and business owner for more than 40 years. Calkin has went from owning numerous successful cannabis businesses, to becoming a business consultant in leading the industry into successful growth.

By creating the “Cannabis Career Institute” he focuses on educating business owners, guiding them with a skills and assurance to maximize profits in the multi-billion dollar growing industry.

Robert Calkin has also added a high level innovative accomplishment into the industry, by designing and creating “Green Dot Delivery”. An internet based cannabis delivery service that was the first to enter the industry, and to take ease-of-access on purchasing and receiving cannabis to a further level. Many call his system the “founding father”

Paul Walsh our Co-Founder of GreenHeartCBD, will be conjoined by Robert Calkin in Panama. Calkin will oversee the genetics program and further lead the team into success.

An exciting new addition to GreenHeart with enthusiasm to recgonize and add further innovation into the multi-billion dollar industry.

Robert Calkin (left) Mark Canavan (right)

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