GreenHeart Partnership with World CBD Awards.

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2 min readJan 28, 2023

The World CBD Awards is a global event proposed to recognize and award the best CBD brands in the world.

A competition to rank in a manor that will further the CBD industry into a state of continuous growth.

The World CBD Awards has plans to utilize the CBDeFi dApp to offer payments for tickets and sponsorships using our token.

Strong marketing is also planned for the awards this 2023.

In 2022 GreenHeart has won two awards out of 33 given.

1. Best Product Innovation

2. Best Hemp Farmer

These specific awards were brought to GreenHeart due to our farmers utilizing our drone technology that provides a 5x yield.

The benefit in World CBD Awards as a partner is the exposure it brings GreenHeart to other CBD brands

Our #CBDeFi Marketplace can benefit from this added exposure as GreenHeart plans to engage with all participants to get them integrated into our marketplace.

Furthering business enrollment, incentivizing community involvement, maximizing product throughput.

#CBDeFi is Web3 focused infrastructure in creating a Hemp/CBD/Cannabis marketplace. Enabling businesses to list their products, as well as take advantage of tokenized businesses models.

A tokenized ecosystem creates an environment where the community is provided financial incentives, for services rendered on the network that maximize throughput.

In this case, GreenHeart has developed a dApp (Decentralized Application). Where businesses integrate their products into the marketplace, to allow the community a sales representative competition. Each business will give 20% of each unit sold, enabling an opportunity for the representatives ranked on the leaderboards a way to earn large revenues with earnings paid in the $CBD token.

Businesses can as well create custom business models involving the fungible token $CBD, or utilizing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These can create further moats (advantages) one has around their business to stand out from the rest. Tokenization can be used to attract more customers or even incentivize sales reps further, to sell for that specific business.

The World CBD Awards is a great partner to have that can further enable exposure to current Web2 based businesses. That can also integrate into a Web3 environment for increased sales and added custom parameters.



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