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CBDeFi is an open source, blockchain transaction based marketplace, that empowers the hemp/CBD/Cannabis industry.

The focus is to bring the emerging Hemp/CBD/Cannabis market to the world, and run the backbone of the payment system where conglomerates and intermediaries can’t abuse or intervene.

Brief History of Decentralized Consensus:

When we go further back in history, we tend to see a decentralized/centralized pendulum swing starting from the early days of computing, stemming all the way to where the expansion of ”Web3'’ is today.

The first breakthrough was Lezlie Lamport, and his team’s formulation of the Byzantine Generals’ problem. The Byzantine Generals’ problem was formulated to address the challenge of achieving consensus in a distributed system. This problem led to the development of the concept known as Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), which involves designing algorithms to achieve operational consensus despite the presence of faulty or malicious nodes.

From here we go back to the next real breakthrough in decentralized consensus, the creation of Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses a PoW algorithm, influenced from BFT, to create the first ever blockchain, a decentralized ledger recording all transactions. To keep this operational without the reliance of a trusted 3rd party, we need to pay for infrastructure running into the network. This is the reasoning behind $BTC, adding a currency to the network making the financial system trustless (no one can shut it down, nor exclude anyone)

Continuing we look into the development of smart contracts, the heart of operation of CBDeFi. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with predefined rules and conditions encoded on a blockchain. This development expanded the capabilities of blockchain technology beyond peer-to-peer transactions and opened up possibilities for decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

GreenHeart has built the decentralized application (dApp), and utilizes both smart contracts as self-executing operational infrastructure, and the same idea as Bitcoin in creating the network’s currency. The CBDeFi network empowers businesses, farmers, distributors, and community members. All while creating a trustless environment, and ease of payment for all types of work in the network.

Marketplace/Smart Contract Operations:

As mentioned earlier, the network operates its consensus infrastructure through smart contracts, which are self-executing and rule-based decisions that are immune to manipulation. This provides a seamless onboarding process for businesses looking to list their products and also rewards those who contribute to generating sales and driving traffic, such as distributors and participants in sales incentive leaderboards.

When a user purchases a product and pays with the $CBD token, the smart contract automatically directs the funds to the corresponding wallets based on the predetermined distribution structure.

In GreenHeart’s example, the distribution of funds is allocated as follows:

  • 20% to GreenHeart
  • 20% to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • 40% to the Farmer
  • 10% to the Staking Pool
  • 10% to the Sales Incentive Leaderboards.

Smart contracts within the CBDeFi network not only facilitate trustless transactions between customers and businesses but also have the capability to reward users for their contributions to the network. Unlike traditional marketplaces that rely on a centralized payment system backed by fiat currency and trusted third parties, CBDeFi’s smart contracts can be customized to recognize and track various forms of user-contributed work, such as generating traffic to the network. This innovative feature sets CBDeFi apart from existing marketplaces by leveraging the power of smart contracts to create a more transparent and incentivized ecosystem.

The utilization of the token “$CBD” is fundamental to the functioning of smart contracts within the CBDeFi network and serves as a vital incentive for the developers, known as the GreenHeart Team. Aligning with the pursuit of maximum profit, both in business and network development, the underlying principle is to foster an open and public good environment that ultimately maximizes the developers’ profits. By establishing a fixed maximum supply for the token, its value is directly influenced by the demand within the network. As more individuals contribute their work and are rewarded within the network, the value of $CBD naturally increases due to the greater distribution of the currency.

This economic incentive creates an environment conducive to the design of a trustless public good, facilitated by the operational efficiency of smart contracts.

Aligning Community Incentives with Maximizing Throughput:

To start speaking about community incentives we have three models supporting an increase in network throughput, while maximizing a users profits.

  • Staking Pools
  • Sales incentive leaderboards
  • Distributor Model

Staking pools: Staking pools within the CBDeFi network provide an opportunity for users to earn yield by participating in regional yield earning pools. These pools support farms in various regions, such as the Statue of Liberty pool representing operations in New Jersey. To participate, a user locks up their $CBD tokens in the pool for a duration of one year.

At the end of the one-year staking period, users have the option to unstake their $CBD tokens and receive them back, along with the additional tokens earned as yield. The yield is generated from the 10% of $CBD tokens used in each GreenHeartCBD product sale, which is directed towards the staking pool. As a result, the annual percentage yield (APY) increases, providing users with an opportunity to earn additional revenue.

This system creates an incentive for users to follow a maximum profit route by actively contributing to the overall product throughput of GreenHeartCBD. The more revenue generated from the sales of GreenHeartCBD products, the higher the yield in the staking pools. Therefore, users are motivated to support the growth and success of the network, as it directly translates into increased earnings from the staking pools.

Sales Incentive leaderboards: The CBDeFi network incorporates sales incentive leaderboards to further encourage and reward active participation within the ecosystem. These leaderboards track and showcase the performance and achievements of individuals, such as distributors, sales representatives, and overall rise in network traffic from influencers.

By recognizing and rewarding top performers, the sales incentive leaderboards create a competitive environment that drives increased sales and engagement. Users who excel in generating product sales and attracting customers can earn valuable rewards, including a portion of the $CBD tokens used in the transactions.

This system not only motivates individuals to actively contribute to the growth of the network but also fosters a sense of community and healthy competition. By participating in the sales incentive leaderboards, users have the opportunity to increase their earnings and be recognized for their efforts, further fueling the success of the CBDeFi marketplace.

In GreenHeart’s business model, the sales incentive leaderboard is structured into three tiers, each associated with a specific percentage of the total revenue generated in a given month. This tiered system ensures that participants are rewarded based on their level of contribution to the overall sales performance.

The first tier, representing the top 10 performers, is 5% of the total revenue distributed. This serves as recognition and a substantial reward for their exceptional sales efforts.

The second tier includes individuals who have demonstrated significant sales contributions but at a slightly lower level than the top performers. They receive 3%, ranking 11–25.

Lastly, the third tier comprises participants who have made valuable sales contributions and/or network traffic, albeit at a lower level compared to the top two tiers, and they earn 2% of the total revenue that reflects their level of achievement ranking 26–50.

Further changes and improvements in the sales incentive leaderboards that see fit in maximizing throughput may be implemented in the future.

Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) :

NFTs are a genuine way to maximize a businesses competitive stance in the CBDeFi network. A business can create an NFT to encourage user engagement in any sector (direct distribution, furthering methods to earn a user money, or incentivizing a customer to purchase products)

(e.g., GreenHeart has created their own NFTs supporting an increase in staking pool yields, customer discounts on products, and increased earnings in Play to Earn farming game)

All NFTs will add to the network’s liquidity to sustain price fluctuations.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO):

The DAO will accumulate $CBD tokens from the 20% allocation of every sale made within the network. These tokens will be used to fund various initiatives and projects that contribute to the growth and development of the CBDeFi ecosystem.

Once the market cap of $CBD reaches $1 billion, the DAO will be unlocked, and this will provide an opportunity for farmers to request funding for infrastructure investments that they may not have been able to afford otherwise. The DAO acts as a decentralized funding mechanism, empowering the community to decide how to allocate resources and support important projects.

Community members, including farmers, can submit proposals to the DAO, outlining their infrastructure needs and how the funding will benefit the CBDeFi network as a whole. The community then has the ability to vote on these proposals, determining which projects should receive funding.

If a proposal is approved, the DAO will distribute the necessary $CBD tokens to the requesting party, such as a business or farmer, to cover the cost of the equipment or infrastructure. This funding enables farmers to enhance their operations, expand production capabilities, or invest in sustainable practices, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and success of the CBDeFi ecosystem.

If needed, the recipients of the tokens can choose to liquidate them in order to cover the expenses associated with the equipment or infrastructure they require. This liquidity provision ensures that participants have the flexibility to convert their tokens into other forms of value, allowing for the efficient deployment of resources and facilitating the necessary investments in the CBDeFi network.

By leveraging the DAO and its funding capabilities, CBDeFi creates a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem where participants have the power to collectively support and advance the hemp/CBD/cannabis industry, leading to scalable public goods and fostering economic empowerment for all stakeholders involved.


By combining the efficiency of blockchain technology, the power of smart contracts, and the community-driven nature of the DAO, CBDeFi aims to create a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem that fosters economic empowerment and scalable public goods within the hemp/CBD/cannabis industry.

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