Greenheart’s CBD Farmers pool is 100% full!

Dear community, we are glad to announce that the third GreenHeart CBD staking Farmers Pool is completely full on 20 August!

All community members that staked their CBD will see the reward on staked assets up to 50% APY

Staking end dates

  • August 24, 2022

Previously, two other staking pools with the 40% APY have been successfully closed! CBD Hemp pool and Drone pool will end on 29 December and 13 December consequently. We want to thank our community for such an active participation and trust in our project!

The CBD token has only positive predictions for growth and the market conditions are favorable. Do not forget to add CBD to your watchlist on the Coingecko or CoinMarketCap.

For the future roadmap plans, we are planning to develop mobile app staking and maintain token bridge by the end of the Q3 2021

Stay updated and do not miss more investment opportunities with $CBD Defi

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