Greenheart’s CBD Hemp and Drone pool are now full!

We are thrilled to announce that both our staking pools on the Ferrum Network are 100% full! Thank you so much for your support and participation.

If you staked CBD, you will already be seeing your staked assets earn rewards of up to 40% APY.

Staking end dates:

  • Hemp pool — December 29
  • Drone pool — December 13

Why did we launch staking for CBD with Ferrum?

Ferrum Network is building a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption with user-friendly products for swapping, staking, and transferring cryptocurrencies.

They were the perfect platform partner to support our mission of bringing micro-funding to farmers around the world who wish to switch to growing hemp for the purpose of CBD production — effectively bringing the agricultural industry into the 21st century with DeFi.

Missed out this time? You can still provide liquidity on PancakeSwap and stake the LP tokens on MantraDAO- you’ll get CBD tokens as a reward and with a current APY of 117.15%, it’s worth checking out.

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