How do I become a hemp farmer?

Step 1. Research, research, research!

Across the globe, governments have set their own regulations regarding hemp farming. Before delving too deeply into the specifics, take a moment to do some research. The most important question to ask is: is it legal to farm hemp for CBD cultivation in your region?

Step 2a. Have an existing farming operation

Do you already have land, tractors, seeding machines, sheds, wi-fi capability, and space to put a production facility? Great! You’re already way ahead of the game.

Step 2b. Have the means by which to obtain land and farming equipment

This is a very critical part of the process. Firstly, you would need to obtain land zoned for agricultural purposes.

Step 3. Licensing

There are a number of licensing requirements to grow and sell hemp products. This is a highly regulated industry and as such, you will be required to abide by strict rules and regulations.

Step 4. Maintaining

Once you’ve finished sowing, there really isn’t that much to do. If you’ve opted for an outdoor operation, your drone will be doing the majority of the work of scanning your crops’ health and assisting with the removal of unwanted plants and weeds from the field.

Step 5. Harvesting and drying

Hemp takes about 3 months to grow to maturity, but this will vary depending on the region it is grown and the chosen strain. Once it has reached its final stage of growth, you’re ready to harvest: this is where your owned or rented farming equipment will come in.

Step 7. Storage and processing

After harvest and drying, you will have up to hundreds of kilograms of hemp. Storing this dried hemp in reusable food grade buckets maintains the quality of the crop as you begin to process it.

Step 8. Testing

There are many regulations that state the amount of THC allowed in your product, and you will need to adhere to strict testing guidelines to stay under the amount in your region.

Step 9. Sell your product using Greenheart’s channels

Once your products are approved, it’s time for sale!

Step 10. Talk to us!

If you’ve checked off most of the above, you’re well on your way to being a Greenheart CBD partner farmer.



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