New pool launching today!

Dear loyal CBD community,

We are excited to announce that Greenheart CBD is launching a shiny new Farmer staking pool!

Starting from today, July 26 2021, $CBD token holders will have the chance to participate in a new staking pool and earn rewards of up to 50% APY.

The Greenheart CBD Farmer Pool will have a 6million CBD market cap!

The new pool will be open for 30 days, giving investors ample opportunity to stake their CBD tokens ( minimum of 5000 CBD). After day 30, the pool will be closed and your CBD will start safely earning interest for 365 days, our longest duration pool yet!

Don’t hesitate to join. You can stake CBD tokens right from our Website!

Why did we launch a new Farmer staking pool?

Based on our previously (hugely) successful staking pools, we have received high demand from our community to launch another pool with more attractive APY and lock period.

Based on our past pools, we expect this one to fill up quickly , so make sure you jump in first!

❗️ Farmer staking pool details:

👉CBD Cap: 6,000,000.00

💰Maturity Return APY: 50%

📆Start Date: 7/26/2021

📆Start Time ( UTC ): 8 AM

💰Early Reward Return: APY 0%

💵 Terms for staking in this pool: minimum 5,000 CBD staked

📈 Days Open for stake: 30 days

💡Days of Mandatory Lock: Reward 365 days

💡Days Until Maturity: 365 days

About Greenheart

Greenheart is a leading CBD tech company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring the agricultural industry into the 21st century. We are equally passionate about both blockchain and CBD!

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