Our second CBD Hemp Pool staking program in partnership with the Ferrum Network is taking place on June 14! Join it right from our Website!

From Monday June 14, $CBD token holders will have the chance to participate in the Hemp Pool staking program and earn super rewards of up to 40% APY in just 180 days. Hemp Pool will have 2mln Cap! And specially for our investors we increased the contribution period from 9 to 18 days!

We try to do our best to develop new ways to make CBD more user friendly for both our customers and investors. That’s why you can stake CBD tokens right from our Website! Enjoy the process and Earn tokens together with us!

Ferrum Hemp Pool staking details:

APY: 40%

Terms for staking in this pool: minimum 5,000 CBD staked

Full maturity: 180 days

Days of Mandatory Lock: Reward 180 days

Contribution Period: 18 days



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