Stake and Earn 50% APY with CBD tokens!!

Yes, you read the title correctly.

If you stake 5000CBD tokens or more between September 1st and September 30th, you’ll enter and be a part of our 6,000,00.00 CBD Pool to earn up to 50% APY after 365 days (No early release).

Did you know that most small farm operators in emerging markets live on less than $2 a day?

$CBD token is here to help solve that problem because meager profit margins on conventional crops force countless farmers around the world to exist on a subsistence basis, with such little chance of improving their families’ living conditions. We aim to provide accessible financing to farmers worldwide to grow hemp for CBD production, substantially increasing their incomes and improving their quality of life.

Many farmers also lack the knowledge of how to profit and grow a new crop. That’s not all; they also struggle with finding a market for it.

Greenheart solves all these issues by providing financing, education, and technology to farmers who work with them and start growing hemp for CBD production.

So when you invest in the $CBD token, you’re not just buying another crypto token; you’re helping educate and fund farmers.

Just when you thought that was it! $CBD token is backed by our Oil products that are enjoyed globally and used to help with anxiety, sleep disorder and even a long rough day at work.