The Art of Utility

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4 min readJun 9, 2022

Utility can be more than just functional — it can be attractive. A beautiful balance between resource and benefit. A balance that the Greenheart CBD token and ecosystem are built upon.

But before we dive into the utility behind the Greenheart CBD token, it would be wise to get on the same page regarding utility in cryptocurrency. So, what does utility mean in this context?

In crypto, a utility token has a use case, or multiple use cases, within a specific ecosystem. Utility tokens are unique to their ecosystem and give users the ability to perform an action on the network.

They can be promotional tools for products, or even grant special access to features within the ecosystem.

Why don’t we find out how the utility token factors directly into the Greenheart CBD ecosystem with some real use case examples below?

Membership Utility

Greenheart CBD will soon be introducing a membership utility feature for its token.

This means that when someone holds a certain amount of tokens, they get into a higher tier of the token — giving them access to discounts on products as well as a higher yield on staking.

Decentralized Application (dApp) Product Discounts

Once products are back in stock, customers will be able to use the Greenheart CBD token to purchase these CBD products at a default 40% discount.

Using the aforementioned membership utility, there is the potential to reap an even higher discount on top of the default 40% offered in the dApp.


The Greenheart CBD staking pools will be live for the longevity of the farm they support. As more farms open across regions, individuals will be able to support the farm in their region of choice.

This means that farmers will have their own community of support. When more ecosystem partners join Greenheart, our self sustained economy grows, and with farmers earning more revenue, they can move into other hemp products, such as insulation, bioplastics, and batteries.

Technology Loans

The staking pools give farmers the opportunity to switch to hemp farming with technology loans.

These are not monetary loans, but rather, include all the technology a farmer needs to get started. They are in the form of partnership agreements, with a portion of the 45% split going back to Greenheart to pay back the loan.

Here is a quick breakdown of what a farmer would need in the initial year of hemp farming for CBD production:


  • Cameras for data capture (indoor only)
  • CBDrone (outdoor only)


  • CBD Seeds
  • Pressing Seeds


  • Production Presses
  • Production Facility
  • Tables
  • Health & Safety Kit Out


  • Bottles
  • Labels
  • Boxes

Beyond the material goods, they would also avail of training, certification, and ongoing expertise from the Greenheart team.

The technology is always on loan — so in the unlikely event of default, fraud, or other adversity, it can be remotely shut down and collected, enabling another farmer to benefit from this technology instead.


Greenheart will be introducing a range of utility NFTs. They will be available for purchase using the Greenheart CBD token.

Similarly to the Membership Utility, NFTs give individuals access to discounts on products as well as a higher yield on staking, albeit at a higher rate.

Where does utility fit in the grand scheme of things?

Local laws and regulations do not make hemp farming for CBD production easy. Which is why oftentimes, banks and payment processors do not want to get involved in the hemp industry at all.

This leaves farmers without a choice. Many simply cannot get into CBD production — and it’s certainly not for a lack of trying. The cards are stacked against them.

With this in mind, what happens to existing CBD companies when their payment processor backs out? Or when their bank closes their account? Suddenly, a small business is in peril and the customers are left without the products they’ve come to depend upon.

But what if… the Greenheart CBD token is the payment method?

The decentralized world of crypto opens new avenues, not just as an option for those who are hitting obstacles, but as a last chance to save small businesses so that they can continue to thrive in their communities.

The greatest use case for the Greenheart CBD token would be to become the crypto of choice for the CBD world. And with the Greenheart ecosystem, it’s a very possible future.

Because the Greenheart team is familiar with adversity — and they know how to overcome it.

Utility Growth

The Greenheart CBD token enables the ecosystem to benefit from multiple use cases that support farmers as well as the community.

As Greenheart continues to grow, with farms opening across the globe, there will be more potential opportunities to utilize the token for a wider range of products and staking pools.

Hemp is versatile and provides numerous ecological benefits and solutions. And with these solutions, comes more utility growth.

After all, the future is green(heart).

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