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5 min readJan 22, 2023


GreenHeart provides the full integration of brands into a Web3 ecosystem. Enabling them to experience the benefits Web3 has to offer, by developing custom business models tailored to maximizing customer engagement, and product throughput.

NFT sales and utilizing the fungible token $CBD, enables unlimited possibilities a business can choose to direct. Incentivizing the user-base even further to not only just purchase items, but to participate in gaining customers and increasing sales.

Brands and businesses can adopt the full Web3 experience with ease-of-access. To which when the community is presented with financial incentives to perform services that maximize sales throughput, can scale a customer base as further businesses are adopted.

Since this is a Web3 based ecosystem, you will be enabled with a prompt to connect a wallet from APIs such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask. When connected, you will interact with the dApp using the crypto-currency $CBD.

Let’s break each section down.

Staking pools: Here we enable farmers the ability to receive the equipment, by allowing the community to stake $CBD tokens to in return receive yield. The yield is generated through revenue from products that were cultivated from the farms supply, and sold by the partnered business. (e.g., farm cultivates CBD oil for GreenHeart to sell, to which 10% of revenues fulfill the reward side of the pool)

Note: Sales made through the dApp are paid through the $CBD currency and are automatically allocated to the desired pools. Sales made on the “” website are paid with fiat, and will undergo a monthly buyback in $CBD tokens to continue the revenue share.

NFT (Non-Fundgible-Token) Marketplace: Here we have various NFTs for sale and trade consisting of different utilities and prices. An example will be our character NFT, to which when held in a user’s wallet grants a 50% off discount in the GreenHeart Shop. Discount NFTs offering a 60–80% discount, or our staking pool NFTs which increase yield percentage gains from 2.5% — 5%. All NFT sales will be locked in liquidity to further develop sustainability into the $CBD token.

Note: This description explains the NFTs associated with GreenHeart. Other businesses integrated into the dApp, will have the customizable parameters to develop their own NFTs into whichever unique business models they choose.

Shop: Here we have the products of various businesses integrated into the dApp, selling to the existing user-base. When shopping GreenHearts list of products, customers will receive a 40% discount off their purchase since they pay in $CBD. Compared to fiat payments on their website where no discount is enabled (unless promo code is utilized).

Other businesses enrolled have the ability to attach different utilities to $CBD in whichever business model they desire.

The community has an incentive to sell products to be ranked in the sales incentive leaderboards. For GreenHearts range of products, you will compete to earn a share of 10% revenue, with the other 10% fulfilling the staking pool rewards.

For other businesses integrated, 20% will go towards the community leaderboards, raising the incentive for community sales due to the absence of staking pools in this distributed model. (For the community to maximize profits, you must maximize sales throughput incentivizing business enrollment)

E.g., The leaderboards are ranked top 50, and paid as follow (GreenHeart):

5% (top 10)

3% (11 — 25)

2% (26 — 50)

These earnings are substantial. Each bracket earns a percentage of the entire store revenue depending on where the sales rep is ranked. The payouts being made in $CBD, may increase incentive if one has speculation on price appreciation.

In comparison to other designed referrals programs payouts are made in fiat and per unit moved. Whereas in the CBDeFi dApp, rewards are paid out in $CBD and basis off where your rank is in the leaderboards. Enabling high revenue and attracting large following social media influencers.

To summarize, lets breakdown revenue distribution in both GreenHeart and other businesses


40% Farmer

20% GreenHeart

20% DAO

10% Staking pool rewards

10% Sales incentive leaderboards

Other Businesses:

60% Business

20% DAO

20% Sales incentive leaderboards

The DAO allocation is meant for a collection of $CBD, to then be put to good use in a community vote (e.g., hemp business or equipment, hemp manufacturing plant, etc)

Play to earn: Bringing a new experience to crypto-gaming that will help increase the user-base by earning $CBD, that can then be used in any part of the ecosystem.

The style of this play-to-earn game will be a farming style game that will let the users experience a gamified type of scenery on each staking pool region. One objective is to integrate NFT usage further, by allowing players to purchase NFTs to progress at a faster pace earning more $CBD.

(E.g., A shovel as an NFT allows players to plant 5 plants in which they have to maintain by watering them and then harvesting. Selling the raw material in the game rewards the players $CBD tokens).

Higher value NFTs like a “Tractor” will allow the player to grow 100 plants. Thus increasing the amount of $CBD earned.

Play to Earn is a fun method to attract a user-base of all age groups, and enables an even more sustainable market as all NFTs continue to go into liquidity.

Every angle in the #CBDeFi marketplace is to add financial incentives for the community, to help businesses sell products and get the hemp/CBD/cannabis market kicked off to a higher level.

The advantages and economic moats businesses can form with fungible and non fungible tokens, can help maximize throughput and add a level of automation.

With the connectivity all in one decentralized application, we can empower these industries and design new innovative ways to maximize yield and profits without adding a monopolistic intermediary into the mix.

In #CBDeFi the focus is to design an OpenAPI to maximize free market involvement.



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