Welcome Poko Group to the #CBDeFi Marketplace!

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2 min readJan 20, 2023

We’re excited to announce the first business integrations into the dApp, that will sit alongside GreenHearts range of products and will adopt the full ecosystem experience.

Poko Group is a collection of CBD businesses based in the United Kingdom. Poko has created an ecosystem of themselves, consisting of two CBD businesses ”CannMedCBD” and “PokoCBD”. They also have media outlet magazines “The Extract” and “Candid Magazine”. A wholesale distributor ”Cannmed Wholesale”, and their own financial service ”LumiPay”.

Poko Group and all businesses integrated in the future, will undergo a distributed revenue system that adds incentive for the community to maximize sales throughput.

The revenue distribution goes as follow:

60% to Poko

20% to the DAO

20% to Sales Leaderboards.

The sales leaderboard is a referral program that pays the top 50 sales reps. Reps are incentivized to compete to earn a tiered spot to earn a percentage of that 20%. The higher you are ranked, the more of the percentage you will be earning. Payouts being made in $CBD may increase incentives on top of the already high earning yield.

This competitive strategy will target high level influencers. The more competing, the more sales Poko generates.

e.g., say a business does $10M in sales for the year, $2M of those sales go to the leaderboards.

Due to the community involvement in marketing, Poko has the ability to focus manpower on their Web2 side to continue expanding their own form of marketing and customer reach. While the Web3 portion of their business has the community incentivized to take control of all the leg work.

Poko can also utilize the fungible token $CBD and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), for custom business models of their choosing. This can be another method to incentivize the user-base to shop for products and/or sell more products.

This is the agenda of the #CBDeFi marketplace. Distributed revenue systems enable the community to perform services that maximize throughput and be rewarded in the $CBD crypto-currency.

The more businesses incentivized to integrate, the larger the user-base grows, the more services offered to the community to optimize the network and earn rewards.

*All payments including the ones made to Poko, will be settled in the crypto-currency $CBD.*



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